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is releasing live results. nasdaq is down 2 and s&p 500 is down 4. >>> google executive chairman eric schmidt is arriving for a controversial visit. here is eric schmidt and bill richardson stepping off a plane. he has not said much about the reason for joining the trip but he is an advocate for all. something north korea does not support. he calls it a private humanitarian mission which includes a meeting with humanitarian leaders. >>> in san jose this friday airways are to start flying the boeing 747 dreamliner from tokyo. it is designed to make flights more comfortable and they will have a line of flights leaving each week from san jose. >>> a photographer came face to face with a polar bear and lived to tell about it. he sat in a pod as a pod tried to force her way inside. it was a special series on the bbc and buchanan said he spent a year with the most deadly creatures but this was the most scary experience ever. >>> and a new share lets you share pets. it is a non-profit organization where dog owners can trade walking feeding and dog sitting duties and it is a chance for people who don
is sending a powerful leader to north korea. google's executive chairman eric schmidt will travel as early as this month. scott mcgrew will discuss the impact of this landmark visit but we begin with bob redell live at google headquarters in mountain view with more this morning. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. officially from google headquarters here in mountain view there's been no comment yet. that could be in part because this is considered a trip that is considered to be private. the ap is reporting that google executive chairman eric schmidt will be later this month possibly as soon as the end of this month will be traveling to north korea on a private trip that would be humanitarian in nature and led by former new mexico governor bill richardson. this would be significant for a number of reasons. as you're well aware, north korea is very secluded. cut off from the rest of the world known as the hermit's kingdom. the country doesn't even allow citizens access to the world wide web and only some citizens are able to get on a local internet that's controlled
-wheel drive here at the auto show in san jose. >>> plus google chairman eric schmidt speaks out in north korea. and president obama just a minute ago nominated jack lew as treasury secretary. we'll take a look at both issues coming up in business. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >>> nominations for the 85th annual academy awards announced this morning in beverly hills. >> hosts seth macfarlane and emma stone announced the nominees. "lincoln" was the clear winner, receiving 12 nominations, including best picture, best director and best actor, nods for daniel day lewis, sally fields and tommy lee jones. >> "life of pi" came away with 11 nominations. >> here's a complete list of the nominees fo
, eric schmidt, and the director of google ideas. both men have written a book was -- that is due to be released in april about how internet can help shape a society. it is interesting this week -- this trip comes just a week after north korean leader kim john delivered his new year address -- kim jong-un delivered his new year address. >> bahrain's highest court has upheld the sentences for 13 opposition leaders. the activists cannot appeal the decisions. they were convicted for their actions during the 2011 uprising. she has continued to press -- shias continued to protest against the sunni-led government. government.eedled police reportedly arrested 20 people, including a former mp. the free syrian army says it has formed a special units to secure the country's chemical weapons. they are confident the assad government will fall. they are ready to see the conflict to the end, despite limited military resources. we have the story from turkey. ♪ >> these are rebel fighters pushing to break government lines and sees strategic army bases in northern syria --sei seize strategic arm
. >> next, google executive chairman eric schmidt talks about the latest innovations. then, the role of capitalism today. after that, a form on state and federal marijuana laws. >> recently, the economist magazine held their world in 2013 festival, which coincides with the release of their annual report. they offer a global perspective on the upcoming year in the areas of business, economics, technology, and media. at the event, google executive chairman eric schmidt discussed new and ovations, the importance of mobile devices and the impact of technology on society. his remarks are about 35 minutes. >> that is an introduction to our conversation on technology. these welcome eric schmidt, executive chairman of google. [applause]>> thank you very much, good to see you. >> first of all, i do want to thank you very much for stepping in at such short notice. >> i was planning on coming anyway. >> humming and speaking in public are two slightly different things. thank you very much. we have a load of questions for you from the floor, but i want to ask you about how technology will change
chairman eric schmidt talks about the latest innovations. after that, a program on the role of capitalism. after that, a program on state and federal marijuana laws. >> recently "the economist" magazine held their 2013 festival, focusing on economics, technology, and media. at the event, the google executive chairman eric schmidt discussed the importance of mobile devices and technology on society. his remarks are about 35 minutes. >> an introduction to our conversation on technology, so please welcome eric schmidt, executive chairman of google. [applause] >> thank you. is very good to be here. >> i do want to thank you very much for stepping in on such short notice. >> i was coming anyway. >> coming and speaking in public are two very different things. i want to ask you -- we have a load of questions for you from the floor as well. a want to ask you how technology will change our lives in various different ways in 2013. what we might do is start and then panicked out and go bigger -- pan out and go bigger. there are a number of google initiatives that might change logs. one is google gla
in the white house is happy about the trip. the google chairman eric schmidt today arrived in north korea along with the former new mexico governor bill richard sorch. he has been there a half a dozen times. after landing in pyongyang the diplomat laid out the reason for his return. >> why are here as u.s. citizens looking at the humanitarian situation. we are interested in economic and political situation. >> shepard: from google eric schmidt had no statement for reporters. the state department calls it ill advised particularly the timing. here is why. you will recall last month the north koreans launched a rocket into space of the regime said it was to put a satellite into orbit. the experts say it was likely cover for a long range missile test. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with this. the google chairman looked at north korea's possible new market. >> yeah. it's possible, shep. google isn't commenting on the trip at all like eric schmidt, they say it's a private. eric schmidt said he would love to bring internet technology to the entire world. it's worth noting that google
with google executive chairman eric schmidt, they have just returned from north korea and governor richardson is kind enough to join me live now from washington. governor, thanks for taking the time. i've been looking forward to have a chance to debrief you on your visit but i was worried there wouldn't be enough to debrief about. it doesn't feel like there was a whole lot that you got to do while you were there. have i mischaracterized it? >> well, we did three important things -- one, we sent a very strong message from americans that don't talk to north koreans on a variety of subjects that, one, cool it on the missile developments, moratorium on nuclear testing. number two, we pushed very hard for the american kenneth baye who is there in prison to be treated fairly and get consular access. and, third, probably the most important message, was the internet from eric schmidt, the head of google. we weren't traveling as a google team. to open up access to the internet, to move forward with more cell phone service. and we talked to students. we talked to software engineers, to teachers, to ord
. >> i want to first thank you for including eric schmidt tonight. their combined ages younger than i am, thank you. eric makes me feel more comfortable. i appreciate that. then henry jackson initiative on inclusive capitalism is a transatlantic, private, bipartisan group that got concerned about the feeling that maybe most people -- that too many people were thinking that capitalism was collusive capitalism. those of us who were born in the 1950's or 1960's, and there are not many of us in this room tonight, we grew up believing that we could work hard, play by the rules, and anything was possible. it was called the american dream. george carlin recently said it is called the american dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. we actually think that it is very important to acknowledge that capitalism has been planned economies as the way to move people out of poverty and improve lives. 700 million people since 1980 have been lifted out of poverty, largely through one sort of capitalism or another. but at the same time, we have to admit that capitalism in the anglo-american sense
a trip to north korea with the google chairman eric schmidt. the state department criticized the visit as unhelpful and basically told they don't go but they went anyway. they pushed nort north north kp missile launches and nuclear tests and called on the regime to allow more cell phones and internet access. he also said he asked for fair and humane treatment for an american citizen detained in north korea. he joins us now. also the former energy secretary and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. good afternoon, is, sir. >> hello, shep, nice to be with you. >> shepard: what did you accomplish? >> three things. as you mixed, one, i think very few talk to the north koreans. we push for a moratorium on missile launches and nuclear tests and pushed hard on the american detainee that he get fair treatment. we were assured he would get counselor are access and that judicial proceedings on him would start soon,ful hopefully to send him home. last thely which i think was the most valuable was getting on north korean widespread television advocating for the internet. this is something
now. the google chairman, eric schmidt, will be traveling to north korea, going with former governor bill richardson, on what is described as a private humanitarian visit. i traveled to north korea with governor richardson two years ago the last time he was there. he is standing by to join us, but first, listen to what the state department says about the upcoming planned visit. >> frankly, we don't think the timing of this is particularly helpful, but they are private citizens and they are making their own decisions. >> and joining us now is governor bill richardson. so governor, how come you're going against the wishes of the state department, and heading off to north korea? >> well, i understand why they're cautious, this is a very sensitive time in diplomacy with north korea. we're not happy with what the north koreans have been doing, but i'm a private citizen, this is a private humanitarian mission. we postponed at their request once, right before the south korean elections. and there never seems to be a good time to go. in the past, i have postponed visits to north korea at the
. >> google executive chairman eric schmidt arrived today in north korea. not a popular move with the white house. but google stock is popular with investors. that story and a look at google stock coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. >>> goog -- google opens up anyone with a internet connection. now google's executive chairman eric schmidt is in north korea. our chief international correspondent michelle caruso-cabrera has the latest. >> it's not exactly clear why eric schmidt is in north korea. we do know this. as google's executive chairman, he is the most high profile business executive to travel there. this is video from early this morning u.s. time almost nighttime the
on the future of technology. then google chairman eric schmidt talks about his company's new innovations and the impact on technology on society. after that, we'll be live at johns hopkins university with the start of an all-day summit on reducing gun violence in the u.s. >> host: well, there's a new e-book on the market, and it's called "the politics of abundance. how technology can fix the budget, revive the american dream and establish obama's legacy." the co-authors are both former fcc officials. reed hundt is the former chairman of the fcc in the clinton administration, and blair levin spent many years there, most recently as part of their national broadband plan, the executive director. gentlemen, thanks for being on "the communicators." mr. hundt, your book's subtitle, how can technology fix the budget and help us over the so so-of called fiscal cliff? >> guest: well, it is a the subtitle. it's a bit of a mouthful, but the fundamental idea here is if you spend time in silicon valley, if you spend time in detroit where the automobile industry is being rebuilt, if you spend time out
. executive chairman eric schmidt arrived there today with former >>> the man who runs google is now in north korea, eric schmitt arrived with former new mexico chairman. they say the visit is poorly timed coming weeks after they carried out a long range rocket test. >>> the ten banks including city, jp morgan chase and wells fargo will make $3.3 million in direct payments to customers in foreclosure, during 2009 and 2010. >> it replaces an independent foreclosure review program that began in 2011. many banks approved foreclosure without reviewing the cases some times hundreds a day. >> it helps homeowners in los angeles, navigate foreclosure she worries the bank pay outs won't go far enough. >> some owners lost equity, it is letting the banks off easy i think as far as making sure, homeowners are made whole. >> reporter: they will spend $5.2 million on loan modification and principle reduction for homeowners. that may help james bruce who could lose his home end of the month unless the bank modifies his mortgage he can no longer afford. >> it just
about eric schmidt's north korea trip and facebook sending out a special invite to friends in the media. that and nor today's after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon. facebook stock first hit it's highest point in six months, topping $30 a share, the social network sends out a mysterious invitation, invite together press to ilts headquarters saying skpum see what we're building with no additional information. speculation has ranged from a phone to social search. all of this just two week as haeftd 4th quarter earnings report rmt 6789 professional socialmuwg network linkedn says hates 200 million members, adding 13 million members since november, 2012 saying it's available in 19 languages. and boeing's dream liner runs into the third problem this, time a computer wrongly indicated brake wrdz in trunl leading the flight to be canceled to japan. another had an electrical fire and a third, a fuel leak. bok boeing inreceive sifts the plane is safe. >> google motorola mobility infringement lawsuit against microsoft. that required google to not request sales bans on most standard i
, the government came up with plenty to show of to eric schmidt, on a private visit to the area. the learn americans were shown students surfing the web and using google in a leading north korean university. schmidt is a long time advocate for internet freedom but access to the web is rare, and limited only to those with government permission. so they got a show there today. >> cam cal students may not have as many bubbles to fill in in the future, the top education professor unveiled a new system today supposed to emphasize a student critical thinking skills rather than having them just choosing best answer. the test measured progress in english and math and qualified teens for graduation. >> serious questions being raised by a little known online education program wrun by university of california. uc spent $4.3 million marketing uc online courses in hopes of getting nonusc students to enroll in web based classes for a fee. but the chronicle reports only one person has taken a class during that time. the university says the concept was launched in 2010 before other universities like stanf
by americans in 2009 and 2010 and homeowners in danger of losing their homes. bill richardson and eric schmidt touched down in korea hours ago. last week the obama administration discourage this trip which the pair call a private humanitarian mission. >>> so, how much dough will hostess make on its bread brands? the "wall street journal" is reporting flower's food and another one are in talks to buy wonderer bread and nature's pride for an estimated $350 million. a lot of dough. >>> starting this month washington is the first state to charge electric vehicle owners $100 a year to pay for wear and tear on state roads a fee that's collected on gas tax. >>> from careercast enlisted military personnel have the most stressful jobs in the country. >>> so where do you want to spend your stress free days in retirement? for the fifth year in a row, ecuador was the top foreign retirement destination for folks from u.s. and canada due to its affordability, weather and welcoming cu welcoming culture. >>> this year tokyo restaurant owner she would out $1.7 million for one bluefin tuna. i wonder if he ate i
." >>> students at a university in north carolina got a surprise visitor, google chairman eric schmidt. they showed him how they look for information online by googling it. schmidt visited pyongyang on tuesday. he traveled to north korea with former new mexico governor bill richardson and seven others. he spoke with students at a university computer lab. schmidt has emphasized that he is traveling as a private citizen and not representing google, but some analysts say the visit was motivated by business. north korea wants to promote its i.t. industry and google is believed to be considering doing business there. the group met with north korean officials. richardson suggested that they discuss the release of a u.s. citizen detained in the country since last year. >> it's a good productive but frank meeting. >> they'll discuss their visit to north korea after they arrive. >>> japanese prime minister abe and his government have confirmed the outline to revitalize the nation's sluggish economy. cabinet ministers took part in the first meeting of a new task force on tuesday. >> translator:
. eric schmidt is traveling with bill richardson. he's been to the north several times. >> this is a private humanitarian visit. we're here as individual american citizens looking at the humanitarian situation. we're going to ask about the american detainee who is here. we're interested in economic and political situation. >> the group is expected to meet north korean political, economic and military leaders. the trip comes weeks after the country launched a long range rocket. the u.s. government considers the launch a test of ballistic missile technology. u.s. officials says the timing of the visit is not helpful. the group plans to convey concerns about the missiles and nuclear programs. >>> tokyo has bid to host the 2017 olympics. the city says that with the legacy of the summer games it hosted in 1964, it's eager to hold a new type of future oriented olympics. bid committee managing director turned in a file at ioc headquarters in switzerland. the document sets out detailed plans in 14 categories, including vision for the games, venues, financing and safety. tokyo p
needs planes left the zone without entering airspace. >>> eric schmidt has called on north korea to allow its citizens to use the internet and connect with the outside world. schmidt spoke to reporters in beijing on thursday after a four-day visit to pyongyang with bill richardson. he said their visit was private. but he pointed out that the internet access in the north is limited to government, military and university officials. >> the government has to do something. they have to make it possible for people to use the internet, which the government of north korea has not yet done. it's their choice now and time in my view it's time for them to start or they will remain behind. >> schmidt warned that in an increasingly connected world, north korea's decision to isolate itself would make it hard to compete economically. >>> japanese prime minister shinzo abe is planng to get better acquainted with other leaders in his region. he's traveling to vietnam, thailand and indonesia next week. it will be his first trip abroad since taking office last month. chief cabinet secretary yoshihi
chairman ended his trip to north korea by endorsing the internet. eric schmidt told reporters this week that the country risks falling out of touch because of heavy internet regulations. the google exec stirred up controversy earlier this week when he flew to the eastern country in spite of criticism from the state department. north korea's citizens are obstructed from accessing the internet. foreign media is also widely illegal. schmidt says the country faces falling behind economically due to the restrictions. a fast food chain owner is apologizing to consumers in china about a recent tainted- chicken scare. yum brands, which owns kfc, pizza hut and taco bell, generates nearly half of its revenue from china. reports surfaced in china last month that chicken suppliers to the restaurants were feeding the birds a steady diet of hormones and antibiotics. yum brands said it was not quick enough to notify regulators about the drugs. sales at the fast food chains are expected to slip due to the negative pr. chinese officials have accused foxconn of accepting bribes. the manufacturer of cons
magazines that hold a large number of rounds. >>> eric schmidt is now what is called a private humanitarian mission. they have made several trips to north korea and the trip -- trip to north korea and the trip is being done as well. >>> they headed to marin county with an unusual defense. he was ticketed for driving in the carpool lane alone but he argues he was not alone because he had incorporation papers inside his car. they view corporations as people and they should not have been cited. if the court disagrees he will appeal all the way to the supreme court. >>> the board of governors are meeting this week to end the four month lock out. early sunday morning, they said an agreement had been reached and that was welcomed news for hp pavilion who said they suffered with the san jose sharks. >> they said there would only be 48 games instead of 82, whatever it is, so they will take something over nothing, definitely. >> he says there will be a 48 game or 58 game season and training camps could start as early as wednesday. at the end of the lock out, click on the nhl tab. >>> and san francis
in the modern world but after google chairman eric schmidt visited it detailed enough to see pyongyang and the concentration camps. >>> a medical miracle story of a u.s. army veteran who lost all four of his limbs and underwent a roarkable translate procedure. six weeks ago brendan marrocc received new arms. >> now, i can move this. this arm is pretty much no movement at all. not yet. >> marrocco said he's getting a second chance and his goal is to compete in sports but most of all drive his car. >>> and new york city mayor bloomberg has high praise for joe biden. he said you know, joe biden, you can say what you want but he's got a set of -- >>> the dow rising 72 points yesterday. the s&p and nasdaq were mixed. overseas trading saw a boost. nikkei shot up 270 points while the hang seng climbed 156. it's a busy morning on wall street. we'll see if amazon stock continues to rise. also keep an eye on chesapeake today the energy company got news, aubreay mcclendon is stepping down and will leave the april 1st. >> lots of eyes will be on research in motion when the blackberry 10 is release
to make an inroad into communist north korea, the world's most closed society. eric schmidt, the company's executive chairman is expected to travel there on a humanitarian mission perhaps within a month and within a day of new year's eve yin jong-un says he wants to modernize civilization. >>> star box wants to reutilize plastic cups. starbucks said five years ago that it wanted to serve 25% of all its drinks in reusable cups by 2510. the goal has since been reduced to 5%. it's great idea, terrell. it sounds like a lot of planning and organizings and too mump for me to do, keach track of that cup. >> i wonder how the baristas at starbucks feel. not don't i have to make your coffee but now i have to wash your cup too? >> ashley morrison in new york. thank you so much. >>> patty page is a singer who's remembered as an easy singer who crossed charts in the 1950s. her hitting were indelible ♪ i was dancing with my darling to the tennessee waltz". >> page's singing career lasted well into the 1980s shelf sold more than 100 million records. she'll receive a grammy award. she died on new year
trip to the internet restrictive country of north korea. eric schmidt traveling to europe on a private humanitarian mission led by bill richardson. he's expected to leave as early as this month. u.s. based google is the world's largest internet search provider and it will mark the first trip to the most restrictive internet policies on the entire planet. we'll have live reports from scott mccrew and bob redell at 5:00. >>> congress begins the new term at that with fiscal cliff behind them for now. moving onto a new fight. nbc bay area's tracie potts has details on the issues congress will face. >> reporter: 113th congress takes its oath this afternoon with 56 new democrats, 58 new republicans and a record number of women. the youngest, hawaii, a 31-year-old iraq war vet and first hindu ever elected. john boehner is expected to be re-elected speaker. he announced the first order of business. a vote on friday to provide billions to victims of superstorm sandy. >> the bottom line is between friday morning and january 15th those two votes will bring in $60 billion that is absolutely necess
humanitarian delegation which includes google executive chairman eric schmidt. the group toured the grand people's study house today. richardson is seeking a moratorium on nuclear testing. he's also pushing for more open internet access in that country. schmidt has not spoken publically about his purpose in joining the trip to north korea. he's spoken about the importance of providing people around the world with internet access and technology. >> okay, loren. here is a twist on tax time. the irs isn't ready for you to file your taxes yet. it's pushing back the filing date. for those details and a look at how the futures are trading we go to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. the futures are slightly higher this morning. that could be due to alcoa which kicked off earnings season. stocks sold tuesday as investors awaited the numbers from the aluminum giant. the bulk of the numbers will be rolling in next week. the dow fell to 13328 yesterday. the nasdaq lost seven to 3091. the irs is delaying the start of tax season until january 30. that's eig
of google is in north korea now. the state news agency released this video today showing eric schmidt and bill richardson arriving in pung yang, they'll be there four days. there has been speculation they want to negotiate the release of an american prisoner. richar yardson travels to north korea frequently. >> eric schmidt is a prind of mine. he's going as a private citizen this, is not a google trip but i'mzcfh sure he's interested in economic issues there. social immediate why aspect. >> they are at highest profile visitors to north korea since kim jonun took power. there is criticism of timing is bad. >> the u.s. supreme court scheduled hearings on the legality of same-sex marriage. the court set a date in march to overview proposition 8. the next date the justices will hear a related case. justices not expected to rule until late june. whatever they decide it's likely to establish awe new legal landmark. >> california's 2013mf legislative session began today, it's clear after the connecticut school tragedy safety a top priority. nancy skinner introduced assembly bill 48. requirem
department isn't very happy about it, but the google chairman eric schmidt and the former new mexico governor, bill richardson, are inside north korea right now. our foreign affairs correspondent, jill dougherty, is monitoring the trip for us. jill, when i traveled to pyongyang myself two years ago, with bill richardson, we were, obviously, watched very closely by the north korean government. what do we know about this trip so far? >> you know, wolf, i think you could call it a mystery tour. because, actually, there's very little known to one of the most cutoff countries in the world. one of the first stops in north korea for google executive eric schmidt, a rare sight in one of the most isolated countries on earth, the computer lab at kim il-sung university. so why is the head of the world's largest search engine visiting a country where average citizens are forbidden to have access to the internet. schmidt is in pyongyang with former new mexico governor bill richardson. the official north korean news agency calls it a visit by a delegation of the google corporation. before leaving the u.s.,
chairman eric schmidt plans to go along with former governor bill richardson. a state departments spokeswoman said thursday we don't think the timing of this is particularly helpful, but they are private citizens and are making their own decisions. let's hear what governor richardson has to say about that. governor, good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, norah. nice to be with you. >> so the states department has made clear they don't want you go. why are you going? >> well, it's a private humanitarian visit. there's an american detainee eric bayh, they want to get him released. i've brought back american servicemen, i've brought back american hostages, i've negotiated for the remains of our soldiers from the korean war, food aid. i know the north koreans. the objective of the trip is a private humanitarian visit. we're not representing the u.s. government. i know the state department's a little nervous, but we did postpone this trip already. eric and i were going in december, and at the request of the state department we postponed it because of the south korean pre
the message about an open society, the internet. cell phones. eric schmidt was like a rack star there, talking to people, to students, to scientists, to software engineers about the importance of the internet. you know, i think it's important that we not isolate the north koreans, they have six nuclear weapons at the most. they have 1.4 million men in uniform. they are hostile. they are unpredictable. i think it's better to have a dialog with them. i've negotiated with them the last 15 years or so successfully for political prisoners, for mesh servicemen, on rice issues, food issues. it's important we engage them, and i'm worried, soledad, we're headed k isolated and country surrounding north korea south korea, japan, the united states, russia, the six-party countries. we need diplomacy, dialog, the new policy. >> abby huntsman here. what was your assessment of kim jung un. did you get any sense that he was different from his father, grandfather, more open to reform? >> my sense, and it's owning a sense. we did meet with him. is that he is more open to reform there are some economic measures t
more on that coming up as well. following eric schmidt, google ads north korea to google maps. how about that. let's go back to nicole petallides. pfizer shares are on the move. nicole: that is right. this is a stock that everyone has been focused on. they have faced intense generic competition for lipitor. they have seen sales drop in that particular area. pfizer up 3.2% right now. they have a pending sales of a nutrition unit. that is something certainly giving them a boost. they're pain drugs, they also have a sizable market for river toward arthritis. this is why they are doing well. buybacks have been very shareholder friendly over 52 weeks. and spending cuts is something else that pfizer has been working on. how is the dow doing right now. of about 52 points right now. hello, we are at the height of the day. 13,944. connell: getting close. thank you. president obama getting set to unveil his plan for immigration reform. he will have that later in the day from las vegas. haley barbour joins us now. the politics of this have been really talked about a lot. in fact, we talked ab
internet companies, like google, among others. in fact, i asked google's then ceo eric schmidt about these privacy concerns for the cnbc documentary "inside the google." >> people are treating google like their most trusted friend. should they be? >> i think judgment matters. >> eric schmidt is google's ceo. >> if you have something that you don't want anything to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place, but if you really need that kind of privacy, reality is that search engines, including google do, retain this information for some time and it's important, for example, we are all subject in the united states to the patriot act. it is possible that that information could be made available to the authorities. >> so do we need google to protect our information from the government, or is the bigger threat what google does with our personal information? this is a huge story, skompt it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger which is why i think internet privacy companies securitizing all this data is probability biggest growth business of all. >> well, you don't want goog
in on a possible trip to north korea by google. a statement from the state department spokesman, by eric schmidt of google, not particularly helpful. the spokesman saying with regard to the trip, we are obviouslyware it's bb announced. as you know there are private citizens traveling in an unofficial capacity. they are not accompanied by any u.s. officials. not carrying messages from us. frankly says the state department spokesman, we don't think the timing is particularly helpful. clearly a stern warning here from the state department to eric schmidt of google say be, we don't want to you go to north korea. we will see where this one plays. >> thank you very much. >> if you are surging due to pent up demand. two stocks hitting new 52-week highs and hanging on to advances of 3% and 2% respectively. cnbc's phil lebeau has more from chicago. >> we knew the numbers would be strong. almost all of the reports today better than expected. gm, ford, chrysler, doing well compared to what the street was expecting. toyota, the one falling shy of that, coming in at 9% increase. the december sales rate, that
of pyongyang, north korea, where google chairman eric schmidt and former governor bill richardson have touched down in beijing. we are getting a better idea as to what the mission is. we'll have an update for you in just a few minutes. >> all right, scott. thank you so much. >>> san francisco's famed science museum is packing up. crews will begin moving 450 exhibits from the palace of fine arts. the museum is moving to its new home at pier 15, which is three times larger than its current location. work should be done in a few weeks. grand opening will be held in april. the official start is the 17th of april. with the exploratorium on the move, its old home at the palace of fine arts is on the market. the building has 80,000 square feet of space and the asking price starts at $490,000 a year. city officials say a search for a long-term tenant could take a year or two. >>> it's 6:16. i have never been there to the exploratorium. what's your favorite part? >> i'm fascinated. i've never been there. >> i want to go. >> let's stick to science. we'll go together when they open that new one. that s
is reporting that google ceo eric schmidt will be traveling to north korea possibly by month's end on a trip that is private, humanitarian in nature and possibly led by former new mexico governor bill richardson. that would be significant for a number of reasons. first off, north korea is very secluded. cutoff from the rest of the world. the last frontier in cyberspace. the country doesn't allow citizens access to the world wide web. some can go on a local internet controlled by the government. they want to bring the internet to everyone. whether schmidt will push for that but allowing the google ceo to visit could be very symbolic. this is also interesting on timing. a couple days ago in a new year's day speech, kim jong-un emphasized the importance of bringing his country into the 21st century when it comes to digital technology and commuters. a leader of that country meeting with the leader of this silicon valley giant? again, that's still unknown. one expert tells the ap it's possible that north korea is interested in google technology but perhaps only when it comes to software for thing
will not be at the hearing. >> john mccain is speaking out about google chairman eric schmidt's trip to north korea. schmidt is there along with brichl arvedson. mccain borrowing a term from the former communist leader vladimir linen. he arrived in north korea today. lennon used to call them useful idiots. state department says it is wrong to visit weeks after the controversial rocket launch. >>> he scored a $1 million lottery win back in june. the aafter he got the winning the check was issued then he mysteriously died. at first his dearth was believe to be from natural causes but now the medical examiner says he was poisoned with cyanide. his body will likely be exhumed. >> they thought they were going to see whales but they saw much more than that. >> holy cow. >> that is about a thousand of the dolphins. that's a lot giving passengers on board a whale watching safari in california quite a show. dolphin stampede are said to be very rare and often happen without a warning. so neat. it doesn't even look real. >> beautiful. >> that's your 5@5:30. >> switch gears now. multiple battles are brewing for preside
of north korea. everyone wondering, why did former governor bill richardson and google chairman eric schmidt travel into the country? is the 20-something-year-old dictator just curious about google and social media? we remember traveling there in 2006 and i asked a 20-year-old university student if she uses google. >> excuse me, i don't know about it. >> you don't know about google? >> i will study about it. >> the government blocked all of google and everyone is now wondering if that's about to change. >>> still ahead on "world news," the secret place where billions of dollars of unwanted christmas gifts end up. and how you can turn your unwanted gifts into real money for you and your family. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury
but with a whimper. >>> and in a related bit of news, google chairman eric schmidt will go to north korea. the "associated press" says schmidt will go as a private citizen, not representing the company. now, why, exactly is not cleerp, though the new leader the north korea, kim jong-un, has hinted as perhaps relaxing some of the internet restrictions. >> thank you so much. >>> looks like all the rain we got over christmas is paying off. rolling to an excellent start for the season, according to the department of water resources and more storms coulded a to that. what does this mean for our state? it will be able to deliver a vast majority of water for projects around the state. this is the fourth year of drought for california. >>> another cold, brisk, chilly start to the day. christina loren, i've seen some of your live shots out there. some sun peeking through. >> yeah, it's coming in. these clouds are coming in. those will help to trap in some of the warmth for today. tomorrow morning, not as bitter cold. how low did we go this morning? you might be impressed. 26 degrees in walnut cree
department today called a planned humanitarian visit to north korea by google executive chairman eric schmidt, "not helpful." and stressed he's traveling as a private citizen, not a representative of the u.s. government. >> susie: the auto industry closed out 2012 with a bang, marking its best year since 2005. december sales of cars and trucks were better than expected, and 2013 looks to be another banner year for the industry. ruben ramirez reports. >> reporter: worries about the fiscal cliff weren't enough to keep buyers out of car dealerships last month. people were buying a lot of cars and trucks. >> there gets to be that certain point where buying that used car or even leasing a new a new one or even just outright buying a new one, it's really not that much more to buy a new vehicle and you can get that joy of that new car smell. >> reporter: helping auto sales last year is that the average age of cars on the road is now around 11 years old. superstorm sandy specifically helped boost december's numbers, credit suisse estimates the storm may have added about 50,000 sales in the northeast
forces that are difficult to grow. one is the government of north korea. bill richardson and eric schmidt are there for what? against the direction, advice, counsel, beseeching of the state department. >> with the state department cannot look like it is sending these guys there because then it will look like a negotiation, but the secretary of bob gates had it right. we bought that horse so many times. i'm not sure. >> but right now there is a hostage. him being held, and bill richardson has shown that he is getting people who disagree with him -- lou: my question is what is the chairman of global doing over there. talk about social media. >> revolution. lou: maybe that's it. >> frequent flyer miles. the long vacation. this is not the place that you go to test sip strawberry fridays at the hilton. lou: and now this occurs to eric's meant. thank you, bob. much more on the president's controversial security nominations. the upcoming nomination battles and the next on this broadcast. the overissue your back in court. the obama administration focusing on gun rights rather than mental illness
hiring practices. eric schmidt will be deposed in this case. apple, google skpintel be being sued by a group claiming the companies entered into pacts to not actively reclut kroout talent. and today stocks rose with the dow closing in a five-year high. house rinz plan to vote on a temporary increase in the debt ceiling limit. your bloomberg silicon valley closed lower. and at least seven fox con workers are dead and 20 hurt after two shuttle buses collided in central china fox con says they were transporting workers back home. and this happened in a factory that makes iphones where more than 100,000 people work. dan, carolyn, back to you. have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> heavenly mountain resort opening a giant half pipe. 450 long despite the dementions it's designed for all levels of experience. it's inside one of the three-terrain parks opening at noon. the only one right now on the south shore. >> we're going to duct tape skies to spencer's feet. >> i'd like to see that. >> yes. so that will be get meeg there. >> cold weather, not a fan and the snow. sunny, mild conditions
chairman eric schmidt. they showed him how they look for information online, by googling it. schmidt visited kim il sung university in pyongyang on tuesday. he traveled to north korea with former new mexico governor bill richardson and seven others. they spoke with students at a university computer lab. schmidt has emphasized that he's traveling as a private citizen and not representing google. some analysts say the visit was motivated by business. north korea wants to promote its i.t. industry, and google is believed to be considering doing business there. a group met with north korean officials. richardson suggested that they discussed the release of an american citizen detained in the country since last year. >> it's a good, productive, but frank meeting. >> the group is scheduled to travel to beijing on thursday. they'll discuss their visit to north korea after they arrive. >>> north korea 345rkd imarked g leader's birthday on tuesday but no official ceremonies or events have been reported. kim jong un was born on january 8th. his exact age is not known, but he's thought to be ar
, google's executive chairman, eric schmidt, arrives in north korea. schmidt arrived yesterday along with former new mexico governor bill richardson. they say the trip is a private humanitarian mission, but it is raising the ire of the u.s. state department, which labels it "unhelpful." richardson has traveled to north korea several times and is reportedly working to free an imprisoned american citizen, but schmidt's role in the delegation and on the trip has not been made clear. one tech analyst questioned the role of the internet in north korea as a possible reason for the trip. "north korea is one of the most constrained countries when it comes to internet connectivity in the world, and clearly a country that could use some opening up, but certainly has resisted any movement on those lines so far." that was tech analyst rob enderle, who says schmidt has habored political ambitions for quite some time. lawmakers are kicking around new ways to tax motorists. as americans drive less and buy a record number of fuel-efficient vehicles, it's leaving states with fewer dollars from gas ta
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